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We've never seen the kind of exponential growth across every range of human activity as we’re living in today.

The most dramatic impact of this Great Acceleration has been in allowing organizations to accumulate vast quantities of data on every aspect of our existence in a blink of time. While the technology that allows us to extract and aggregate that data has grown almost as quickly, companies struggle to realise a return on their investment in this new and also rapidly evolving global data infrastructure.

Relevancy Analytics was created to help organisations transform their data capital into endless competitive advantages. We create strategic roadmaps to success and all the backend capabilities that facilitate it. The team here at Relevancy possesses deep industry and technical expertise which together enable us to deliver game-changing insights through a wide range of statistical and machine learning models, as well as ad hoc and ongoing analytics architecture and solutions.

Our Services

We partner with a wide variety of organisations to develop their capabilities and unlock the potential of their data and produce vibrant, actionable insights.

We build data products that bring transparency to the numbers, that give control over operations, and enhance your employee productivity while minimising risk in new endeavours.

Data Infrastructure

We develop the technology backbone necessary to collect, transform, and share data.

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We accelerate transformation through exploration, discovery and visualization.

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Data Management

We deploy solutions that automate the mundane and let you focus on the tasks that really matter.

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Data Strategy

There’s almost too much data to manage these days. How do you sort through it to find what’s valuable...and what’s relevant?

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At the heart of all good analytics is the ability to see opportunity in change.

Our Story

Relevancy Analytics was created in Barcelona in the summer of 2020 when founders Nikolay Nenov and Charlie Ballard were discussing the future of travel, the impact of COVID-19, and likely scenarios for recovery.

After running through a number of different scenarios where better analytics could suggest not only better prices across the industry, but also lead to travellers across the world having better, more personalized, and therefore more relevant experiences.



And thus Relevancy Analytics was born.

Industry research (Statista, see here) has sized the global travel & tourism market somewhere around $10 trillion in 2019, while projecting growth to $18 trillion by 2027 - suggesting an almost unimaginable increase in demand for new beds, new tours, new restaurants and so many other experiences. And we’re already even seeing demand for previously unknown destinations. And while this growth is going to happen literally everywhere, Asia Pacific is likely to see an especially high share of all this business, as more Asian tourists begin travelling abroad for the first time — and also as westerners begin heading to Asia for new experiences.

Yes, these numbers are from prior to COVID-19 but the conclusion remains the same: travel is going to be one of the highest growth sectors in the world for at least the next few decades. And yet with all this growth will come an unprecedented demand for analytics to help guide the right growth. Not just more analysts and more data scientists, but for analytics strategists with the talent and experience to help investors, founders, creators and developers all maximize their share of this opportunity. We here at Relevancy are looking forward to contributing what we can to this conversation.

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